The 15 Best Careers in 2015

The 15 Best Careers in 2015

For today’s post, we lined up The 15 Best Careers in 2015 based on our analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We considered factors such as the rate of growth for these particular professional fields, pay levels, market saturation, adequacy of compensation compared to the required education level, as well overall job stability in our current job market and economy. So, without further adieu, here are the 15 best jobs in 2015 ranking from the top (#1) to the still quite good #15. The 15 Best Careers in 2015 list will most likely display echoes from the past two job markets as well as some additional surprises to the mix.

1.       Physical Therapists

According to the BLS, the median pay rate for physical therapist is quite high at an impressive $79,860 per year (or $38.39 per hour). This professional helps patients improve their physical condition after an ailment or in old age. The position requires a doctoral or professional degree. However, the profession is experiencing a high rate of expected growth over the ensuing decade (36 percent) which amounts to roughly 204,000 new jobs. We believe that this expansion is due to the increasing number of baby boomers trying to stay active as they age. If you’re interested in the #1 profession of the 15 Best Careers in 2015, click here for a list of the schools with the top Physical Therapy programs.

2.       Postsecondary Specialties Health Teachers

The United States job market always held a high demand for postsecondary educators. The BLS projects a slightly slower growth increase this year. Schools should continue to seek out part-time faculty members. One look at this list should give you at least some idea as to why health specialties teachers are needed around the country. Career enrollment requirements vary from one institution to the next. With over 1.2 million new jobs and a median pay of $68,970 per year, this is still a solid career choice for those interested in education.

3.       Information Security Analysts

Information security analysts earn a lot of money with a median salary at $86,170 per year. The field should grow by 37 percent through this decade. In this digital age where we store so much sensitive information wirelessly, the need for this position is pretty self explanatory. If you’re interested, bear in mind that you’ll need at least 5 years of experience in a relevant position along with a bachelor’s of science with your major in Computer Science.

4.       Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners can serve as anesthetists, midwives, or practitioners. The medical community collectively refers to them as APRNs (advanced practice registered nurses). Given the specialized nature of their professions as well as the emphasis on preventative care under current health laws, it’s no wonder this field (whose median yearly pay happens to sit at a comfortable $96,000) should see a growth rate of 31 percent by the year 2022.

5.       Physician Assistants

Physicians Assistants must possess a master’s degree. On average, Physician Assistants earn approximately $90,930 per year. The BLS projects a job growth rate of 38 percent (which sits far above the national average for all occupations). We feel that this increase is due to the current shortage of physicians in the U.S.

6.       Civil Engineers

The road and utilities infrastructure in the United States has aged at a rapid pace over the past few years increasing the need for qualified civil engineers. Foreign projects also require these professionals. Civil Engineers typically hold a bachelor’s degree at the start of their career. The BLS expects that this profession will grow by 20 percent from now until 2022.

7.       Computer Systems Analysts

We (along with many experts) predict that 2015 will undoubtedly become the year of mobile computing. Along with this development in technology and accessibility comes an increase in demand for Computer Systems Analysts. This field should grow by 20 percent through this decade. The position only requires a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Click here to find out more about the profession and how to become a Computer Systems Analyst.

8.       Medical and Health Services Managers

The job market continues to place a high demand and value over Medical and Health Services Managers. So, it’s no surprise that this profession ranks among the best jobs of 2015. As is already apparent, this year should not detract from the boom of the health care industry the U.S. experienced in recent years.

9.       and     10. Software Developers (for applications and systems software)

The job market should continue to place applications and system software developers in high demand over the coming year. The median yearly salary in the field sits at an impressive $93,350. The number of jobs that the U.S. economy projects to add by 2022 is more 222,000. Current IT giants such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft should continue to expand. The software market is also well equipped for troves of new, start up competitors. Click here to learn how to begin a profession as a Software Developer/Coder.

11.     Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists typically earn over $36 per hour. The job market recently added more than 113,000 new jobs. The BLS is expects to see a faster increase than the average for all occupations through the next seven years which amounts to an increase of 29 percent more positions. We believe that current policies encourage occupational treatment for patients who suffer from numerous illnesses and disabilities. Click here to find out how to begin a professional career as an Occupational Therapist.

12.      Surgeons

Everybody knows that it’s not easy to become a surgeon – you will need a doctor’s degree or an equivalent professional certificate. Training is also required, but the median salary in 2012 was well over $90 per hour in this field. The 18 per cent job growth that this field is expected to see by 2022 can be ascribed to the same above-cited increase in healthcare industries. Click here to find out more about the Neosurgeon profession.

13.     Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Marketing, advertising and communication were some of the industries that were hit the hardest during the recession. However, the BLS now projects an increase of 32 percent by 2022. It’s safe to say that the field will continue its pre-recession upward trend through 2015. A large chunk of this expansion can be explained by the increased use of data in market research and marketing thanks to the advent of the digital age.

The 15 Best Careers in 201514.     Dental Hygienists

Thanks to the healthcare reform, many industry experts believe 2015 will be the year when oral health and health care in general finally become more affordable for everyone. The profession of Dental Hygienists should see a job growth of 33 percent through the remainder of this decade. The profession already enjoy healthy pay with average hourly salaries hovering around the $30 mark. Click here to find a school near you with a Dental Hygiene program.

15.     Cost estimators

As the U.S. economy continues to rebound from the aftermath of the drawn out recession of 2008, more and more companies seek out cost estimators. This well compensated profession almost always requires a bachelor’s degree. But, fear not. They typically earn about $29 per hour. It’s no wonder why this stable and high paying career rounds out The 15 Best Careers in 2015 list at #15.

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