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Physical Therapist Salary Overview and Professional Counselling

Physical Therapist Salary

Are you interested in a physical therapist career? The opportunities in this line of work are good and getting even better, so it’s understandable why this profession is becoming more popular by the year. In this overview, we will present

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Check Out These Top 5 Most Popular Colleges in Utah

Snow College

For those interested in Utah colleges and weighing their options, or simply wanting to know what the opportunities there are on the state’s academic market, we’ve put together this list of the best picks. Universities in Utah are highly esteemed

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Million Student March across US to Protest College Tuition

Million Student March

The problem of the rising college tuition fees and of the lack of any sustainable solutions seems to have reached its critical mass point. On Thursday last week (the 12th of November), a so-called million student march took place in

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How to Ask for Time off Without Making a Bad Impression

How to Ask for Time off

Asking for personal time off from your manager can quickly turn into a delicate situation, which can turn your otherwise positive image in their eyes into a less than positive one. Occasions like these are never easy on the person

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US Employment 2015 Report: Job Growth by State

Job Growth by State

Some jobs and occupations have a greater future than others, at least in terms of the total number of employees who will be needed for such positions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these are also the top-paying jobs on the

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Statistics Don’t Look Good for September Jobs Report

September Jobs Report

After the official September 2015 jobs report finally came out a few days ago, a wave of disappointment swept across the nation and all the economic news hubs. It’s not that the experts weren’t able to see these less than

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Top Paying Careers for Women in 2015

Top Paying Careers for Women

It’s no secret that even as the world became more inclusive for women and the opportunities women have today are almost equal to those men benefit from, things aren’t exactly overall rosy yet. Even if some women do enjoy equal

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Top 10 Resume Mistakes To Avoid During Job Applications

Top 10 Resume Mistakes

As a young job seeker, you may be filled with good intentions, but your lack of experience in conceiving and writing resumes may show you in a less than flattering light. To make sure you maximize your chances of being

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3 Great Sample Cover Letters for Internship Applications

Sample Cover Letters

An internship, if you chose the host company carefully and you do a great job during the program, can be quite an efficient career ladder. Even if some critics stress that internship programs are usually much more beneficial to the

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How to Balance Work and Life During Maternity or Paternity Leave

How to Balance Work and Life

When you become a new parent, no matter how much you read up on it beforehand, your life will still feel like it has just been turned upside down and have no idea what hit you. The first few weeks

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