Check Out These Top 5 Most Popular Colleges in Utah

Check Out These Top 5 Most Popular Colleges in Utah
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For those interested in Utah colleges and weighing their options, or simply wanting to know what the opportunities there are on the state’s academic market, we’ve put together this list of the best picks. Universities in Utah are highly esteemed and sought after, not only for the quality of their education, but also for the breath-taking scenery that accompanies many of their locations. Indeed, Utah universities and colleges are perhaps the most beautiful places you can study in. The colleges in Utah that made it onto this list were selected based on how we perceive their popularity to be; not just on objective data, but on feedback received from our readers as well.

Also, we took into account offering a little something for everyone, so we designed this top to contain a good college in Utah for each major education niche. This means that if you’re looking for a top white collar career and post-graduate studies, you’ll find something suitable in this top. Also, the same stands if you’re looking for a practical career choice or a reliable community college that could enhance your job prospects significantly. Without further ado, this is the list of colleges in Utah which you should look into:

1. Westminster College Utah

One of the most popular Utah colleges, based in Salt Lake City, the Westminster College is the place to be for nearly all aspiring students in the state.

Colleges in Utah
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Although the Westminster College Utah has plenty of specializations available across all fields of study and all types of sciences, it is widely regarded as a liberal arts paradise. Those interested in pursuing academic excellence across any field should definitely look into their undergraduate and graduate programs. You can find a list of fields they cover directly on their website. Also, if the wonderful reviews by students and alumni aren’t enough, trust in Princeton’s recommendation. The famous university has been including the Westminster College Utah in their list of top U.S. colleges for quite a while now.

2. Salt Lake City Community College

Salt Lake City Community College
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The largest of all the colleges in Utah, the Salt Lake City Community College prides itself in having the most diverse student body compared to all other Utah colleges, as well as an impressive size: 10 campuses. Also, they make it their mission to be fully accessible to everyone and to assist students with anything they need in order to be able to continue studying and graduate. As far as investment returns go (if we consider getting a college education an investment decision), the college also prides itself in its impressive 21% rate.

3. Utah College of Massage Therapy

For those who aren’t really interested in pursuing a long academic training and need a professional diploma as soon as possible, this massage therapy school is one of the best opportunities in the state. The Utah College of Massage Therapy allows its students to gain their diploma in as little as 7 and ½ months, provided that they manage to complete all their courses. So for anyone looking for a specialization (or a second, more practical one, if their first choice was a theoretical specialization), this one of the best Utah colleges that offers just that. Furthermore, many of the graduates of this college have succeeded in finding employment in their field quickly, and are contributing to the good name of the college through the quality work they perform.

4. The Utah State University (Logan)

The Utah State University was founded in 1888 and has worked as a home away from home for thousands of students across the country and across the globe. It usually takes 4 years to graduate from it. In a typical new academic year, the student body contains not only students from every state of the nation, but also students from about 80 other countries. Most of them (84%) are working on an undergraduate degree, and some of them go further and successfully pursue postgraduate degrees as well. The university is also quite known among colleges in Utah for its presence at athletic competitions and its programs meant to encourage athletic performance. Only the first entry on our list (the Westminster College) is renowned for this support of athletic achievement as well.

5. Snow College

Snow College
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Also founded in 1888, this college was historically a liberal arts college, and a rather small one, and proudly so. Recently, the activity of Snow College has expanded to two campuses in Central Utah, one based in Ephraim and the other one based in Richfield. It typically takes 2 years to graduate from one of its programs, and both students and faculty members report that the environment makes the college feel like a larger family. Due to the small size of the college, students and professors can truly interact, get to know each other, and each student can truly benefit from the teachers’ attention and dedication. This type of commitment to improving the education of each and every one of its students is rare among Utah universities and colleges and colleges in general, since large universities with huge campuses where no teacher recognizes you can quickly become discouraging.

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