Market Survey Finds Employers Value Integrity and Experience over Education

Market Survey Finds Employers Value Integrity and Experience over Education

A recent survey conducted by Canadian staffing agency and published in late July bears good news for job hopefuls. This survey essentially downgrades the value of an expensive education in the hiring process. According to the survey, which was conducted by the North American staffing agency, Today Express Employment Professionals, employers don’t care as much about a job candidates’ educational background as they do with other factors. Do you wonder to yourself “What do employers look for in a job candidate”? The short answer is that they look for certain, specific qualities. If you’re here to increase your chances of finding that great new job, you can read on to discover the most employable work traits. Check out how this market survey finds employers value integrity and experience over education.

What do these Study’s Findings Mean for Young Professionals Seeking Employment?

Market Survey Finds Employers Value Integrity and Experience over EducationAccording to the aforementioned survey, employers value integrity and work ethics above all other traits. These factors topped the list with an average score of 4.52 points. A positive attitude followed as a close second, at 4.42 points. A credible past work experience (4.11) and a cultural fit (4.05) followed in their respective third and fourth place. These findings essentially reveal that job seekers are best suited being open and honest about who they are throughout the entire recruitment process. Your best bet at scoring that dream job is to show how your professional experience suits the current job and to demonstrate a positive attitude/work ethic. If you’re asking yourself how to succeed at an interview, you should probably remember to smile and portray yourself in a positive light. Staying positive and being honest helps the employer make a fair assessment as to whether the person will fit in the position.

Who are Today Express Employment Professionals?

Today Express Employment Professionals is the largest employment staffing agency in North America. Last year, the company earned well over $2.5 billion in sales. Express Employment employed roughly 400,000 staff members across the continent. Aside from topping the staffing agency list, Express Employment serves as the second biggest privately owned recruitment company in North America. It first opened in London, Ontario, Canada, in 1996. The company currently operates 35 franchises in Canada, with 6 locations in British Columbia and Alberta. The remaining 23 locations reside Ontario. However, the international company is based in Oklahoma City. Express Employment owns 700 franchises worldwide, including South Africa. Thus far, the company found employment for over 5 million people worldwide. Its long-term goal is to find gainful employment for one million people each year. The company is helmed by Robert A. ‘Bob’ Frank, the former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

Methodology Employed for This Survey

For this study, Today Express Employment Professionals culled data from no fewer than 22 of their franchises in Canada. They gave employers a set of traits and asked them to rate those traits on a scale of one to five. Five is the most valuable. Aside from the top traits listed above, the survey also questioned the value of the candidates’ preferences, their specific skills, and their education. With a score of 3.10, education came in dead last among these employers.

When discussing the survey’s findings, Frank expressed a lack of surprise at integrity and attitude’s top ranking in the eyes of the employers. As he put it, “even the best education is no substitute for a good attitude.” He added that, while education does matter, on the job training can somewhat circumvent education. With integrity, professional ethics, and attitude, these traits are innate among certain people. Frank also explained that the current economic climate creates unemployment and a rise in job market competitiveness. In turn, companies seek out candidates they can trust, cooperate with, and work with every day.

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