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The Top Pre Med Schools

The Top Pre Med Schools

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Recent societal changes have increased the need for well-trained, dedicated professionals in all walks of the medical industry. These changes include a growing population of the elderly along with the ongoing health care reform in the U.S. The industry places a high demand on certified nurses, dentists, and surgeons for the foreseeable future. These aforementioned careers hold some of the best rates of job growth through the remainder of this decade according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobs also offer some of the highest pay rates which makes the effort of attending both med and pre med well worth it. Because of these market factors, we’ve created a list of The Top Pre Med Schools in the country.

Medical schools may not technically require pre med majors, admission to these schools will typically consider the mandatory coursework of the major. If you wish to increase your chances of admission into med school, you should know that attending one of these prestigious pre med colleges in our list is not enough, in and of itself, to secure placement in a medical school. You will also need a good GPA, as well as high scores on your MCAT (Medical College Admissions). With that being said, check out our top ranking pre med schools below.

1. Harvard University

Pre-medical program – Harvard Extension School

The Top Pre Med Schools

Biological chemistry department Harvard medical school

It should come as no surprise that Harvard tops our list of the best colleges for pre med. The school has ranked number 1 as the best national university in the United States in both 2012 and 2013. 2015 shouldn’t be very different. In 2011, the U.S. News & World Report name Harvard as the best school for medical research. Harvard pre-med students enjoy many perks. This makes sense considering the difficulty level of admittance into this Ivy League university. Numerous groups exist for Harvard pre-med students including the Harvard Hippocratic Society and the Harvard Premedical Society. The Harvard Office of Career Services also help students find pre med internships while they prepare to enter medical school. Upon graduation, Harvard pre med alumni can opt to enter into dentistry, register and work as an advanced nurse, or join a career in public health.

2. The University of Pennsylvania

Penn College of Liberal & Professional Studies

UPenn Perelman School of Medicine

UPenn Perelman School of Medicine

This prestigious Ivy League University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania offers various programs for high school graduates who are considering a medical career. The Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Programs include a Core Studies Program, a Specialized Studies Program, as well as an Accelerated Studies Program. The core studies program targets students with little scientific background. UPenn requires a daunting GPA level of 3.82; however, the benefits offered by the university amply compensate for the difficult of acceptance. Moreover, Philadelphia is one of the top cities for leading medical and health care research facilities in the United States. Of course, this means that ample opportunities exist for externships and shadow programs. Pre med students may continue on to a career in dentistry, nursing, veterinary practices, or medical school.

3. Boston University

The Pre-Medical Programs Department

Boston university college of arts and sciences

Boston university college of arts and sciences

Boston University serves as another prestigious university in the U.S. This school offers a wide range of opportunities for students seeking to enter the medical profession. Boston U offers courses in pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-vet. Students can opt to major in biology at the Boston University College of Arts & Sciences, human physiology at the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College, or biomedical engineering at the College of Engineering. You can also opt to complete prerequisite courses for admission into medical school while working on an unrelated major (such as film or theater). Later, combine the two majors from two distinct concentrations (molecular biology and psychology). The school offers several early assurance programs, which guarantee provisional admission into the Boston University School of Medicine or the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Sophomore BU students can opt for the advanced Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum program which also grants them early admission into the Boston University School of Medicine.

4. The University of California at Berkeley

The Pre-Med Department

University of California at Berkeley

University of California at Berkeley

Like many of the major universities throughout the United States, UC Berkeley does not specifically offer a pre-med program. What makes this university stand out is its impressive track record of graduates who proceed to be admitted into medical school. Berkeley offers over 25 different majors which you can choose from as a ‘pre med post bac’ student. These programs include Molecular Environmental Biology, Genetics and Plant Biology, Nutritional Sciences, Chemical Biology, and so on. Other options include majors at the Department of Integrative Biology, the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology, and the College of Letters and Sciences. While preparing for med school at Berkeley, you must devote two years towards studying general and organic chemistry, one year for physics, and at least one year towards biology.

5. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Pre-Health Department

UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health

UNC Chapel Hill School of Public Health

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill consistently ranks as one of the top thirty schools in the United States according to the U.S. News & World Report. It has a Health Professionals Advising Office available to students interested in pursuing a career in medicine. The Pre-Health Department of the UNC Student Affairs Center will guide current students in preparing for the MCATS. It will also offer support in the form of adequate coursework in order to better qualify. During the summer, pre-medical students at UNC may take a nine week course in Medical Education. This program actually works as an externship during which participants assist real-life doctors and attend specialized lectures pertaining to their specialization of choice.

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