How to Choose from the Best Colleges in Maine

How to Choose from the Best Colleges in Maine

Students all over the United States apply to colleges in Maine for two reasons. With its superb coastlines, rugged landscape and untouched lakes, the State of Maine is considered “vacation land.” It will actually be difficult to find a university in Maine that doesn’t have ocean-front campuses or at least access to a lake or river. The second reason for applying are the premier educational facilities, institutes, communities and colleges that offer courses for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

We have compiled a list of colleges for those of you who still don’t know how to choose from the best colleges in Maine. There are approximately 14 public colleges and universities and over 20 private institutions in Maine, each of them offering unique courses in industries like pharmacy, law, medicine, environment science, arts and business. You should keep in mind, however, that most Maine colleges hold particularly strong liberal arts programs.

The colleges in Maine we selected have not been organized in some sort of artificial ranking, because you can’t really compare The University of Maine (which has already made it in Princeton’s Review of Best 378 Colleges) with a school like the College of the Atlantic. They are simply listed as possible schools for based on the following criteria: four/six-year graduation rates, school tuition, student engagement, teachers, courses, curricular strengths, value etc.

1. The University of Maine

The University of Maine can be found in two locations: Orono for the flagship campus which holds around 11.500 students and Farmington for the public liberal arts college. The „Farmington in Four” campus offers students the chance to obtain their bachelor’s degree in four years. Also, the facility at Orono, with a student / faculty ratio of 12 to 1 offers 88 bachelor’s degree programs for strong liberal arts and sciences. It is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Find out more about the University of Maine.

2. Bates College

Bates College was founded in 1855. Its motto „With Ardor and Devotion” or „Through Zeal and Study” perfectly describes the level of excellence in learning that students can expect to find here. At Bates College you can study Arts & Humanities, Language & Cultural, Business & Social Sciences, Engineering and Science & Technology subjects. Students can also benefit from Financial Aids and Scholarships, opportunities to  study abroad and exchange programs. There are approximately 1720 students enrolled at Bates and between 200-299 teachers. This means that the faculty ratio is roughly 10 to 1. Discover Bates College here.

3. Bowdoin College

Located on Orr Island is the 118-acre research center of Bowdoin College. Based on the criteria of financial affordability, career readiness, admissions selectivity and tuition fees, StartClass has classified Bowdoin College as the number one. Out of roughly 7052 applications each year, only 14.9% are admitted. The private liberal arts college was also featured by the U.S.News and World Report in the top ten Liberal Arts Colleges in the United States. Applicants at Bowdoin can benefit from a Bachelor of Arts degree or education with any of the 40 departmental and interdisciplinary majors. Roughly 1.760 students (all undergraduate) apply on a yearly basis. The faculty ratio is 9 to 1 and the school offers loan-fee financial aid. Find out what Bowdoin College can offer you.

4. Unity College Maine

Number four on our list is Unity College Maine. Founded in 1965, this private, Liberal Arts University offers excellent undergraduate education with a focus on natural resources and environment. U.S. News & World report actually ranked it as one of America’s best colleges back in 2010. Unity College has a long tradition of preparing great recruits for Federal and State Conservation Agencies and environmental science research. The Campus, found in a rural setting, offers 240 acres of beautiful landscape, accommodations and facilities.

5. Eastern Maine Community College

The Eastern Maine Community College provides good-quality secondary technical career education. It represents a good resource for the community also from an economical point of view. The college can be found in Bangor. At the moment there are 2.151 students enrolled, with an admission rate of 78% and an annual cost to attend of 2.580$ dollars. This school is considered a good back-up plan for those who wish to enjoy Maine.

Colleges in Maine6. Saint Joseph College of Maine

Saint Joseph College of Maine is a private Catholic liberal arts school. The college was founded 103 years ago on a superb 350-acre campus next to the Sebago Lake in Standish. There are 40 academic programs that applicants can choose from, but nursing is arguably the most popular one at the bachelor’s level. What is interesting about this college is the fact that it encourages hands=on learning experiences through practical exercises, study abroad and internships.  Saint Joseph is clearly an excellent college with robust graduate and professional programs.

7. College of the Atlantic

There are plenty examples of environmental liberal arts Maine colleges, but we will only present the country’s absolute best one in terms of sustainability. The College of Atlantic, with an enrollment number or 370 students, and a campus that is carbon-neutral, represents the best place to study environmental liberal arts. Atlantic College has only one major: human ecology, but there are various interdisciplinary methods of approaching the subject. The student to faculty ratio is 11/1 and applicants come from 38 states and 34 countries to study at the College of Atlantic.

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