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They say that “the first step to [control] your world is to control your culture.” I can’t think of a bigger factor in our culture than the language we speak, read, and write. A career in Communications and Journalism places you directly in the center of this culture with positions in business, news media, and education. If you’re interested in reading more about a career in Communications and Journalism, check out the jobs we’ve listed.

Communication is an ever-evolving skill set that impacts every facet of our lives. Now, with social networking, texting, and the Internet at the thumbs of millions, the act of communication has transformed into a more casual practice. If you are …

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Copywriter: A Quick Look Median Salary $55,940 or $26.89 per hour Entry-level Education Bachelor’s degree On-the-job training Minimum on the job training Primary employers Publication companies (in-office or online) and self employed Number of positions (U.S.) 129,100 Job Growth (2012-2022) 3% …

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