10 Best Job Search Engines – Offer A Wide Variety Of Filtering Criteria

10 Best Job Search Engines – Offer A Wide Variety Of Filtering Criteria

The best search engines for jobs will offer many great opportunities for those looking for new employment and also provide tools to make your job search more efficient. Consider our list of options for your next job hunt and take advantage of the many recent improvements that have been made to the various job posting websites.

Searching for job

A job search engine is typically a website that works to cultivate a wide variety of job postings and company data to best serve those who are seeking employment. These sites are often specific to a particular kind of job, and many offer features such as email alerts to help encourage users to stay active on their website and searching for employment.

Job search engines can take much of the guesswork out of job hunting and are also significant resources for those who may potentially be willing to relocate for a position. A search engine site may return thousands of potential results, but filtering criteria has vastly improved in recent years, and now users can quickly find their way to job openings that are suitable.

A job search engine also has the ability to:

  • shorten the amount of time that you spend looking for employment
  • Help you stay organized during your job hunt
  • Allow you to apply for new positions quickly.

Users can also choose to work with recruiters or manage their job hunt independently.

Things to Look for In A Job Search Engine

When looking for the right search engine, it’s worth doing a quick online search to see if there are any dedicated explicitly to the industry in which you work. Many technology and remote jobs have different search engines with the sole intent to match up qualified individuals with companies that have specific needs.

Once you have narrowed down your options, it doesn’t hurt to make a few profiles and search on the site to see what kind of job openings are available that interest you. Many search engines will require that you first make a profile or account in order to view job listings, but not all have that requirement.

Lastly, consider how you create your profile and take advantage of the tips offered by the site to optimize your resume and cover letters. New career advice is available as trends and standards change and staying up to date will help you get hired sooner.

The Best Job Search Engines

When looking for the best job search engines, you’ll want to consider your job-hunting goals, and how a search engine can best serve your needs. Many search engines will be specific for tech or startup related companies, while others will display a mix of many different company types.

There is also the option to set up email alerts which can help you save time by letting you know when a specific opening is available. Many search engines these days offer a wide variety of filtering criteria but being able to keep your searches can ultimately save you time.


angel List

AngelList has been a long time hub for startups and investors, but their job postings have expanded in recent years. They currently have upwards of 70,000 business profiles on their site, which is up a staggering 15,000 from 2016. Over 20,000 of those businesses are looking to hire new employees.

AngelList is one of the best job search engines because it can pair individuals with progressive and forward-thinking companies who are more transparent about their company culture, their hiring process, and their expectations of their workers.

It is also more likely that you’ll be able to find non-conventional job arrangements on AngelList such as work from home, contract, and remote work positions. The site offers creative ways to filter available jobs, and openings are readily present for international applicants.



Glassdoor may have started out as a way for current and previous employees to submit feedback about the companies that they worked for, but it has expanded to include other helpful information and job openings.

Potential employees can peruse a wide variety of job openings and gain insight into a company’s culture and policies that may affect their time spent working there. Applicants can read what other employees have experienced, and what reasons they specifically list for liking or disliking an individual company.

Glassdoor also includes information on salaries for specific positions so you can be sure you are applying for a job in the right arena and that your potential offer is reasonable for that company. There is also a helpful tool to help individuals assess their value in the job market so they can better evaluate potential job offers.



LinkedIn is more than just a legendary career tool, it’s a social media platform that can connect you to a variety of other individuals with similar business and employment goals. You can search for different companies and find vast amounts of information from how many employees they have, to job openings, and their hierarchy.

Applicants can also get a good idea of turnover rates in a company, the culture, and how diverse their employee base is. For those who have limited connections, you can easily build more by importing your contacts list, uploading information about previous work history and completing a profile that will help match you up with potential jobs.



Hired is mostly for the more technical job openings available and positions can range from engineering, product management, and design. When you create a professional profile, you’ll be able to add essential information about yourself that makes you a more attractive applicant than the competition, and companies will be able to invite you to interviews.

Hired claims to have received 70,000 job applicants in each month of 2017, and the bidding system seems to be a unique way for companies to interact with their potential employees. If you are in the market for a more technical role, this could be a creative way to get a sweeter deal than if you used a more generic job search engine.



Indeed is the catch-all for job openings and applicants will find all kinds of jobs from every industry on the planet. While many of these jobs will be conventional, others may be work from home arrangements, contract work, or remote positions.

Over 200 million potential employees peruse the site each month, which means many jobs will be filled relatively quickly or receive numerous applications. Indeed may be one of the most massive job search engines in the world, and it conveniently allows users to filter openings based on a wide variety of different search criteria.

Career Builder

carrier builder

Career Builder is one of the best job search engines primarily because it is one of the larger job boards available that also has adequate filtering to be useful. Applicants can use Career Builders’ robust search options to find location and degree-specific job openings and even dictate an acceptable pay range.

Career Builder is also an excellent choice because of their partnerships with news and media outlets nationwide that help them with gathering the most comprehensive list of job openings available. The site also provides ample articles on job hunting related topics, how to improve resumes, and other subjects that are common concerns among those looking for employment.

Google for Jobs

google for jobs

Google for Jobs is another Google product that works to help job applicants find the right jobs. Their search engine works by compiling listings from all over the internet and multiple different sources including other sites on this list.

Instead of having to use multiple sites, a job seeker can merely use Google for Jobs and see all available openings across numerous search engines, and Google will pull other related opportunities as well. Applicants can then further narrow their results by utilizing different search criteria such as location, date posted, salary, company type, and more.



Monster is one of the original job search engines, and their unique features have expanded to include career advice, company profiles, and salary information. Once a user completes a profile, they can open themselves up to working with recruiters, and receive emails and requests for the most recent copy of their resume.



Dice is another job search engine oriented explicitly towards tech job openings and those who are looking for technical positions. You have to make an account to use their service, but once complete you can use filtering criteria such as salary, company type, employment type, keywords, and location.

You can also store your resume, different cover letters, and use their dashboard to track various jobs on your radar. Users can also keep up to date on tech related news, and career advice relevant to their field.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired

Simply Hired offers a wide range of potential job openings and allows users to save their searches and set email alerts based on their preferences. Applicants can use the basic criteria such as salary and location, but other filtering is also available that is scarcely seen in other search engines.

Users can filter their results by companies that have a more diverse workforce, those that typically hire a greater number of veterans or even companies that follow eco-friendly practices.

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